Protect Trafficking Victims | Multiple Countries

Planet Changer has secured a partnership to support and empower human trafficking survivors and at-risk communities in Peru, The Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, India and Thailand as well as at-risk communities in Uganda and Cambodia.

The first step is to create a safe environment and meet their basic needs including adequate food, shelter, health care and legal services if needed. Once the livelihood of at risk communities is stabilized, investing in goods and services that create opportunities for survivors and at-risk communities is a large focus to allow for social and economic growth. This includes education and vocational training and sets the foundation to equip individuals to be prepared for sustainable long-term opportunities.

The social venture projects create innovative, replicable, and sustainable solutions to fight modern-day slavery. Rescued victims have an opportunity to build a future and at-rick communities are intentionally empowered through education and dignified employment.

Global projects are ongoing and include;

  • safe house and vocational training center
  • catering program outreach, employing survivors of exploitation as chefs to create meals as an outreach to current victims while offering them the opportunity to enter a training program in culinary arts and catering
  • rehabilitation center offering shelter, education, health care, counseling, and vocational training
  • law enforcement partnership to identify victims, provide translation services, take statements to aid in prosecuting traffickers, and placing victims in shelters
  • on the job training programs
  • sustainable farming project providing income and vocational training for exploited children

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).

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