We engage in relationships with suffering communities in developing nations, working together to combat poverty.

We advocate for people oppressed by poverty, using our voices and taking action to inspire hope in their lives.

We empower poverty-stricken communities to create sustainable solutions that enable lasting change.


Planet Changer is small enough to be relational, working directly with the communities in need, and focused enough to have a tangible impact in these communities over time.

Planet-wide poverty has stripped intelligent, talented, inspiring, capable people of opportunity. This makes communities vulnerable to human traffickers. It can also lead to desperate parents who love their children saying goodbye to save their children’s lives.

We start with clean water projects and sustainable food programs to provide the critical foundation necessary for communities to build lasting change. This limits their vulnerability to fall victim to traffickers, and enables parents to keep their children. Over time, we will implement income generating projects for these communities. All programs are designed as temporary support that will eventually allow communities to thrive on their own.