In developing countries, access to clean and safe drinking water changes entire communities. It saves lives. Children are able to attend school because they are not sick from water-borne illness or spending hours each day fetching water. Women receive innumerable hours back each week, allowing them to care for their children and even contribute to the family’s income as a merchant.

A safe water source is a critical component in the battle against hunger, as it allows communities to care for their livestock and crops. It also decreases the vulnerability of the community, helping to protect from the risk of human trafficking and keeps kids with their families by enabling parents to meet their children’s needs.

Planet Changer is eliminating thirst by investing in clean water through spring protection projects.

Kajarau North Spring

“For centuries and decades we have been depending on dirty water from unprotected spring, which have always made us suffer from water borne diseases like malaria, dysentery, and others. With incredible work you have done in community of protecting our spring, this is no more, we now have clean water in our community.” -Dwino Dismas,Chairperson Mukuju Central


View completed Spring Protection Projects here.


Give Water, Give Life