Planet Changer is partnering with a grassroots movement to improve village life near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Village Libraries are the key!

Libraries open up opportunities for children and adults alike. They have quickly become the village gathering place, and plans are in development for the libraries to grow into community centers offering English classes and other important developmental programs and support that will help the communities thrive.

There are opportunities to support the Bamboo Libraries in a variety of ways.

Give the gift of reading by donating towards Khmer and English books here. (Enter amount of your choice.)

Help prevent human trafficking, keep families together, and support literacy and education, by sponsoring a Librarian’s Salary or English Teacher’s Salary here. (One time gifts and recurring monthly sponsorship of $10, $12.50 or $25.00 are available.)

Give a one time gift to the general Library Fund here. The Library Dream Team in Cambodia will use the funds for the most pressing needs. (Enter amount of your choice.)

100% of donations will go directly towards the specified purpose, minus transaction fees if applicable.

View additional photos and videos here.

You can also support the Bamboo Libraries via check. If your gift is for books, please write KHM_BL_books in the memo line. If your gift is for the general fund, please write KHM_BL_general in the memo line. If you are interested in supporting Librarian or English Teacher Salaries via check, please email info [at] for additional information. Thank you!

Gifts can be mailed to:
Planet Changer Donations
PO Box 992
Fall City, WA 98024