Planet Changer is delivering support and sustainable resources to impoverished communities to allow parents or family members to care for children that would otherwise be at risk of being given to an orphanage, living on the street, or being preyed upon by traffickers. Clean water projects and sustainable food programs are first steps to raising themselves out of poverty, empowering them to care for and keep their children.

While clean water projects and sustainable food programs are being implemented, Planet Changer has also established a Family Sponsorship Fund. We work closely with our partners to empower parents to provide for their children’s basic needs. Due to poverty, desperate parents who love their children make the sacrificial decision to say goodbye to save their lives. We are working to keep these children with their families.

Needs are evaluated per family and situation; grants are given for school tuition, small business start-up costs, developing sustainable food security, trade classes, and more. This allows children to remain with their parents and not become legal orphans. All support is designed as temporary assistance, with the long term goal of the family thriving on their own.


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