Empowerment, Not Charity

Planet Changer empowers community transformation. Through grassroots partnerships we are able to battle injustice and poverty directly. We work personally with impoverished communities, developing long-term solutions to create an environment where families thrive without continued assistance and overcome poverty. We provide the support they need to cultivate lasting change.


Community Involvement

Planet Changer accomplishes our work by partnering with the community in need. There is already a desire to implement change and the community provides labor and locally available materials. We provide the training, resources, and support they need to change their lives. Community involvement is key in long term success.


Decreasing Vulnerability

The issues of human trafficking and orphan care are compounded by extreme poverty. Our goal is to decrease the vulnerability of impoverished communities. Clean water projects and sustainable food programs provide a critical baseline to empower people to meet their family’s most basic needs. Opportunity is created and hope is born.


Sustainability Through Education

Every Planet Project includes education to ensure sustainability. Training in farming techniques accompany every micro-grant of seedlings, including how to harvest seeds from the established crop to gift to family and friends, increasing the grant’s reach. Hygiene classes are provided to each community receiving clean water, and a committee is trained in proper maintenance of the protected spring.


Connecting Supporters to Communities

Planet Changer encourages supporters to choose which project their donation supports. Once the project is complete, we provide pictures and community information for supporters to see their exact impact. 100% of your donation goes directly to the community in need.