Spring Protection | Uganda

Planet Changer has been asked by local residents in Eastern Uganda to protect springs, beginning with the Tororo District. This will bring clean water to communities for the first time. Over 40 springs are currently identified.

Only local labor is used during the protection of the spring, and each community is required to be involved with labor and providing locally available materials (sand, stones, etc). Surveys show that community involvement drastically improves the long term success of the project.

The cost to protect each spring ranges from $650-$950 depending on the size of the spring (some springs are large and serve the needs of over 800 people). Each spring protection project offers a sustainable solution for clean water and includes hygiene and sanitation workshops for the community, water testing at the completion of each project, and regular inspections to ensure the integrity of the protected spring.

“Protecting water springs for families in Eastern Uganda, will enable them to begin accessing clean water and thus help them in overcoming various water borne diseases such as malaria, bilharzia, dysentery, among others, which they are currently suffering and which has on several occasions led to death of many people majority being children, as a result of them using dirty water drawn from unprotected community springs which is unfit for human consumption.

Protecting water springs for families in Eastern Uganda, will enable the families to begin accessing clean water within the vicinity of communities where they stay, this is not the case today, as many hundreds of communities lack clean water and therefore have to walk for a distance of over 7 miles if they are to get some how clean water in towns.

Thousands of Pregnant mothers and children in Eastern Uganda, are always sick due to water borne diseases they get from consuming dirty water drawn from unprotected water springs, they are too poor to afford drugs in health centers and their lives are at risk, protecting community water springs for them, will greatly enable them to overcome these diseases and improve their lives.” -Moses Hategeka, Ugandan Farmer and Project Coordinator

Planet Changer invites you to invest in our clean water projects in Uganda. People/families/groups donating $500 or more will receive recognition as special thanks on the completed project. Donors of $100 or more will receive pictures of the completed project, and a copy of the letter of thanks from the receiving community.

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).   Donate to protect springs in Uganda now.

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