Dairy Goat Program | Uganda

Planet Changer is excited to announce our newest project to eradicate hunger – establishing a dairy goat breeding program in Uganda!

Many Ugandan families live on less than $1 a day. Raising and caring for dairy goats brings immediate and positive change to these families.  The level of nutrition in their home increases significantly. Surplus milk can be sold at market,  a high demand for goat milk already exists. A revenue stream is created allowing farmers to send their children to school and improve their farming techniques to increase their yields. This impacts entire communities as they are empowered to begin to raise themselves out of abject poverty.

To ensure program sustainability, Planet Changer is securing land to establish a goat breeding and training center. Farmers will receive training in how to properly care for the dairy goats by a local goat breeding specialist. Upon completion of training and proper preparation to care for the goats, the farmers will receive a goat. When the goat reaches maturity the goat will be bred and the offspring will be given to another farmer who attends training. This goat will also be bred with its offspring given to a new family, and the cycle will continue. With this model, Planet Changer increases our breeding capabilities and farmers actively assist each other. Long term, this program will benefit thousands of grassroots farmers across hundreds of communities.

“Once again thank you for your initiatives with us. we appreciate your efforts … am committed like always to for ever work with you in eradicating hunger and poverty in grass root communities in Uganda and Africa. farmers here are excited and are looking forward for your programs to start being implemented.” -A note from Moses, a Ugandan farmer who is working closely with Planet Changer

The start up cost of the goat breeding program is $16,000. Planet Changer invites you to partner with us to to save lives in Uganda and help farmers create positive futures for their families and communities.

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).

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