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In recognition of World Water Day, we are asking you to consider giving one hour of your wages to empower families to begin to lift themselves out of poverty.

Clean water is the first step in inspiring hope and a critical foundation for creating lasting change. Water changes everything. When you give the gift of water, you give the gift of life.

“I remember my self collecting water when I was still young. This was before our village which is deep in Nakaseke district got a borehole. My late dad had acquired for our family a new land on this village to stay so had no alternative but to take the water however dirty it was. Soon after, we started getting sick and my dad & mum suspected the water because sometimes we could even take it unboiled, this is so common in village children here in Uganda. Dad instructed us to start fetching water from a borehole which was about 7 miles away from our village! I and my next brother could be waked up very early in the morning to go and fetch the water. It was very tiresome, stressing and some times made us feel like we were not loved. However there was a big party when our village was donated a borehole, I can remember how happy my family and the villagers were. It was a very big miracle. I can therefore estimate how happy Tororo residents facing the water problem are to feel. Thank you planet changer for this work. Children and mothers in Tororo are going to be very happy” -Christopher Mulindwa, Ugandan Farmer

“The incredible and transformational water initiatives, you are engaged in, is indeed bringing smiles and joy to people’s faces in various communities, personally as a person who participates in this initiatives directly, I have seen people rejoicing and what it means to enable people for the first time in their lives to access clean water.” -Moses Hategeka, Planet Changer’s Project Coordinator in Uganda

Will you give one hour to empower those living in extreme poverty to have clean water for the first time and better their lives?

100% of donations will go to protecting springs in Uganda’s Tororo District (minus transaction fees if applicable).

Give Water, Give Life


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