World Food Day

Today is World Food Day.

Did you know:

  • Hunger is the number one killer on earth
  • Nearly 1 in 7 people are chronically hungry
  • Almost all of the world’s undernourished people live in developing countries
  • The food crisis is not because of a lack of food, but is rather due to a lack of access and opportunity
  • Enough food is grown to provide over 4 pounds of food to every person on earth, daily
  • Agriculture has increased its output 17% per person despite population growth

Planet Changer is determined to eradicate hunger, and we are committed to sustainability in all of our projects. This commitment is why we are focusing on water on World Food Day. It is not possible to create sustainable hunger solutions without water. Without water, families are unable to irrigate their crops or care for livestock. Due to contaminated water, they may be too ill to tend to farming duties. Water changes everything. The gift of water is the gift of life. Health is restored, and communities are empowered to create long lasting food plans.

We invite you to invest in our clean water projects as a first step in ensuring communities have a stable food supply. We are protecting springs in Eastern Uganda.

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).   Donate to protect springs in Uganda now