Planet Project Funded | Community Tube Well, Nepal

A community tube well, often serves 6 to 10 families. Typically, this is the first time in their lives that these families have access to a deep well that provides clean water. The impact on their lives is dramatic. The clean water improves the health of the individuals in the community. Children who were collecting water all day long for their families can now go to school. Women are able to better care for their children and even contribute to the family’s income, rather than spend innumerable weekly hours carrying water. Local technicians have been trained in sound well-drilling practices. This ensures wells are constructed properly, are sealed (preventing contamination) and provide clean water from a deep source. In addition, selected community members receive system maintenance and repair training to ensure sustainability of the project.

This fully funded project brought clean water to a remove village in Nepal. It included material cost, local labor for installation, and associated education programs to the village (sanitation, system maintenance and repair, etc.).

Planet Project Funded | Family Support, Haiti

$500 worth of Haitian handcrafted jewelry was sold at an event. 100% of the proceeds went directly to the 16 ladies who created the pieces and the program that provides their education, material, and work space. Supporting their livelihood allows the ladies to achieve financial stability and care for their families. Women in this program have literally been able to bring their children, who were living with extended family, home again to care for them.

Planet Project Funded | School Sponsorships, Cite Soleil Haiti

Cité Soleil is one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in the Western Hemisphere. It is one of the biggest slums in the Northern Hemisphere. It has virtually no sewers, electricity, stores, health care facilities or public schools. Families often do not have food for the day or money to purchase necessities.

This fully funded project includes annual tuition and two meals a day for children in families who are otherwise unable to care for them. Without this assistance, these children are at risk of being given to another family as a restavek (child laborer) in the hope that they may be better fed and educated; or they may be given to an orphanage out of desperation.

Haitians value education and that is especially true for those that live in places like Cité Soleil. Haitian parents want their children to attend school because they want a better life for them. They want them to be prepared to get a job and take advantage of any opportunity that arises. They do not want their children hindered by illiteracy and poverty as they are. These are their dreams for their children’s future. Planet Changer is helping parents to keep their children and realize these dreams.




Recently approved as a 501(c)3 non-profit, we are excited about our inaugural year! We are passionate about changing the planet and empowering anyone, everywhere, to become a Planet Changer. We need your help to make that passion a reality and make our first year the best it can be.

Is social media a part of your life? Do you blog? Are you on Twitter or Facebook? Perfect! We want to equip you to spread the word planet-wide. Help others become Planet Changers and join the movement to Eliminate Thirst, Eradicate Hunger, Abolish Human Trafficking, and Revolutionize Orphan Care.

With the exciting projects we have underway and the wide range of options to take action as a Planet Changer, sharing what we are up to should be exciting and fun!

Below are ideas on how to be a Planet Changer through social media. Please feel free to use the information as is or edit it to your preference.

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Blog Posts

Points to highlight to introduce Planet Changer:

  • Planet Changer is a recently approved 501(c)3 non-profit making positive and sustainable change planet-wide by eliminating thirst, eradicating hunger, abolishing human trafficking, and revolutionizing orphan care.
  • Planet Changer engages in relationships, awareness, and teaching opportunities.
  • Planet Changer advocates for people oppressed by lack of clean water, hunger, trafficking, and limited resources to care for their children.
  • Planet Changer empowers people who need support, and people who are dedicated to aiding affected communities, to create lasting change.
  • However you are wired, whatever you are enthusiastic about, Planet Changer is committed to connecting you to opportunities to make a difference. Whether it is advocacy, volunteering your time, spreading awareness through social media, donating to a specific project, in kind donations, or a willingness to listen to your ideas to get involved, Planet Changer offers something for everyone.
  • Eliminate Thirst. Eradicate Hunger. Abolish Human Trafficking. Revolutionize Orphan Care. Change the Planet. Be a Planet Changer.
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“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” ~Edward Everett Hale

Spring Protection | Kenya

Planet Changer has entered into a strategic partnership with an incredible organization saving lives in Kenya by protecting natural springs to offer a clean water source for the nearby community. Springs are currently being protected in the Emuhaya and Kwisero Districts in the Western Province. A positive relationship has been established with the District Commissioners and District Officers. Over 350 unprotected springs have been identified; Planet Changer is helping our partner reach their commitment of protecting each spring within the next three years.

Each spring provides water for communities ranging from about 160 to 250 people. Many of the springs are located near schools, which means over 500 children could collect clean water from a protected spring.

Only local labor is used during the protection of the spring, and each community is required to be involved with providing locally available materials (sand, stones, etc).

Each protected spring offers significant health improvements in the community (decrease in typhoid, water-borne disease, and malaria as mosquitos breeding grounds are eliminated), less firewood consumption and deforestation as there is no need to boil the water, and drownings of children collecting water are prevented.

The cost to protect each spring is $500. Each spring protection project offers a sustainable solution for clean water and includes hygiene and sanitation workshops for the community, water testing at the completion of each project, and annual inspections to ensure the integrity of the protected spring.

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).   Donate to protect springs in Kenya now.


Protect Trafficking Victims | Multiple Countries

Planet Changer has secured a partnership to support and empower human trafficking survivors and at-risk communities in Peru, The Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, India and Thailand as well as at-risk communities in Uganda and Cambodia.

The first step is to create a safe environment and meet their basic needs including adequate food, shelter, health care and legal services if needed. Once the livelihood of at risk communities is stabilized, investing in goods and services that create opportunities for survivors and at-risk communities is a large focus to allow for social and economic growth. This includes education and vocational training and sets the foundation to equip individuals to be prepared for sustainable long-term opportunities.

The social venture projects create innovative, replicable, and sustainable solutions to fight modern-day slavery. Rescued victims have an opportunity to build a future and at-rick communities are intentionally empowered through education and dignified employment.

Global projects are ongoing and include;

  • safe house and vocational training center
  • catering program outreach, employing survivors of exploitation as chefs to create meals as an outreach to current victims while offering them the opportunity to enter a training program in culinary arts and catering
  • rehabilitation center offering shelter, education, health care, counseling, and vocational training
  • law enforcement partnership to identify victims, provide translation services, take statements to aid in prosecuting traffickers, and placing victims in shelters
  • on the job training programs
  • sustainable farming project providing income and vocational training for exploited children

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).

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Family Sponsorship Fund

Planet Changer has established a Family Sponsorship Fund. We work closely with our partners in various countries to empower parents to provide for their children when they have reached the desperate place of considering giving up their children solely due to their inability to provide for the child’s basic needs.

Needs are evaluated per family and situation; grants are given for school tuition, small business start-up costs, developing sustainable food security, trade classes, and more. This allows children to remain with their parents and not become legal orphans.

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).

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Small-holder Farmer Support | Uganda

Planet Changer is partnering with a cooperative of 1000 farmers in over 100 grass-roots communities to enhance their capacity to improve crop quality and quantity as well as increase their efficiency in accessing markets. Small-holder farming is the major economic activity for over 80% of the Ugandan population. Most of the farmers live in rural areas that are characterized by endemic poverty.

First steps include providing improved seedling varieties and drip irrigation systems to increase produce and empower them to fight hunger in their communities. Improved fertilizer and a co-op shared tractor are included in future goals.

Long term this project includes education in agribusiness; best practices to limit climate change complications, how to build community buffer stocks of surplus produce, and how to work together for sustainable solutions to eliminating hunger.

100% of all public donations will go to the project or fund that the donor designates (minus transaction cost, if applicable).

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Planet Changer is empowering this community to implement sustainable hunger solutions to provide for their children, themselves, their families, and their surrounding area. Will you join us?

Polaris Project – USA

The Polaris Project is a USA based organization committed to combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

They offer a national human trafficking hotline and a wide range of social services to survivors of human trafficking  including emergency services, comprehensive case management, group therapy, transitional housing, and victim outreach.