Human Trafficking Facts:

  • There are an estimated 30 million slaves world-wide, equaling more slaves today than there have ever been in history
  • 14 million children are enslaved
  • The US State Departments that over 1 million new victims are trafficked each year, children make up almost half of that number
  • 80% of trafficking victims are female
  • 70% of trafficking victims are used as sex slaves
  • In Bangkok almost half of the people prostituted are under 14 years of age; very young children can be purchased as well
  • Children are used for forced labor, especially in the cotton, coffee and cocoa industries
  • Trafficking women and children is as lucrative on the black market as smuggling drugs
  • Human Trafficking brings in more revenue annually than Starbucks, Google and Nike combined
  • Human Trafficking exists in every nation

Every person is worthy of living with dignity in freedom. Victims deserve justice. Every slave world-wide must be liberated. Every victim needs to be saved from captivity. Effective after care programs should be provided including safety, stability, a supportive environment, education and vocational training.

Planet Changer is working to abolish slavery and trafficking of every form by promoting legislation to end trafficking and require industry transparency. We support the rescue of victims and assist programs that provide sustainable solutions for liberated victims to remain free from bondage and build a future.

We also empower at-risk communities to decrease their vulnerability with clean water projects and sustainable food programs as first steps to being raising themselves out of poverty. Long-term, this decreases the amount of people in the community preyed upon by traffickers.


Planet Changer empowers people to make a difference exactly where they choose to. We ensure that 100% of all public donations (minus transaction cost, if applicable) will go to the fund or even the specific project of choice.