Eliminate Thirst
Eradicate Hunger
Abolish Trafficking
Revolutionize Orphan Care






Through our Planet Projects, Planet Changer is defeating poverty and inspiring hope by making positive and sustainable change planet-wide to eliminate thirst, eradicate hunger, abolish human trafficking, and revolutionize orphan care. Together we can change the planet.

We are devoted to empowering people to change their lives. In the next two minutes, one person will enter slavery as a trafficking victim. Two children will become orphans. Six children will die from water related illness. Ten people will die from starvation. The numbers are staggering. It is time to make a difference. The time to act is now. We cannot NOT change the planet.

Planet-wide poverty has stripped intelligent, talented, inspiring, capable people of opportunity. Imagine lack of clean water or food preventing you from being able to care for your family and having zero means to change that. Visualize living in such a desperate situation that you voluntarily give your child to someone else whom you hope will be able to care for them better than you can. Sometimes children are given to an orphanage. Sometimes children are given to traffickers, posing as friends who promise to provide a better life through education and a job yet have evil intentions at heart.

Planet Changer is addressing the issues of Human Trafficking and Orphan Care at the root. We are supporting impoverished, at risk communities with clean water projects and sustainable food solutions. This provides a critical baseline to empower people to care for their families and begin to raise themselves out of the clutches of abject poverty. Opportunity is created. Hope is born.

Too many people are dying. Too many people are at risk. It is time to become a Planet Changer.

If we did not think we could change the planet, we would not be here. Join us!







Planet Changer is a registered 501(c)3 organization