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Shop on Amazon via our affiliate site and empower change through every purchase.

Take a six question hunger quiz through the World Food Programme; for every person who takes the short quiz a child will receive a warm meal.

Purchase a Planet Changer t-shirt (available soon).



social partner

You don’t have to give money to change the planet. Use your voice online for the voiceless.

Like Planet Changer on Facebook, follow Planet Changer on Twitter, and share about Planet Changer on your social media sites.

Take action and join the movement to end poverty and inspire hope. One voice may struggle to be heard, our voices together will change the planet.



advocacy partner

Visit our What We Do page.

Educate yourself on the issues.

Tell your friends and family about the incredible people in developing nations who are working so hard to change their lives. Advocate for those living in extreme poverty, and invite others to become Planet Changers.


planet team partner

Donate your time and expertise to help change the planet. Various volunteer opportunities are available to help bring hope to those living in extreme poverty.

Connections: Awareness is a critical aspect of effecting positive and sustainable change. If you have a friend or family member who is in the public eye, tell them about us and ask if they will use their voice to help change the Planet.

Contact us to get involved: info [AT] planetchanger.org


financial partner

Fundraising: Tell people about Planet Changer. Organize a car wash, coin drive, get creative! Donations of any amount will help to create lasting change.

If your company or employer has a matching gift program submit Planet Changer if we are not yet listed; matching gift programs multiply individual contributions.

Donate financially. Choose exactly where 100% of your donation goes then receive pictures and information once the project is complete. Donations of any size help to change the planet. All donations are tax deductible.