The Library Dream Team in Siem Reap, Cambodia has hired 10 teens and young adults as part time librarians.

By sponsoring a librarian’s monthly salary, you are helping to prevent human trafficking and promote family preservation. In Cambodia, families are often separated for months at a time, or even indefinitely, when family members set off in search of work. It is tragically common for young people, desperate for money to meet their family’s most basic needs, to be coerced and forced into trafficking for labor or sexual exploitation.

You are making an incredible impact on the librarian’s life as well as on the entire village. The salary helps each librarian care for her extended family. Sponsoring a librarian ensures that the library and books are properly cared for. During a librarian’s shift, the library provides a safe place for the village children, tweens, and teens to gather. The library empowers the village to increase literacy, and the ultimate goal is for English classes to be taught at each library.

Join us today in preventing human trafficking, keeping families together, and promoting literacy and education!  Sponsor a Librarian monthly at $12.50 or $25.

Library 1
Library One

Library One has two Librarians, each receives a $25 a month salary.

Librarian Eul, $25 a month salary sponsored

Librarian Eung, $25 a month salary sponsor me(sponsored until January)

Library 2
Library Two

Library Two has four Librarians, each receives a $12.50 a month salary.

Librarian Sambo, $12.50 a month salarysponsor me

Librarian Sambet, $12.50 a month salarysponsor me

Librarian Sawei, $12.50 a month salarysponsor me

Librarian Samphors, $12.50 a month salarysponsor me

Library 3
Library Three

Library Three has two Librarians, each receives a $25 a month salary.

Librarian Srey Hong, $25 a month salarysponsored

Librarian Srey Net, $25 a month salary sponsored

Library 4
Library Four

Library Four has two Librarians, each receives a $25 a month salary.

Librarian Chlan, $25 a month salary sponsor me

Librarian Samnang, $25 a month salary sponsor me


Coming Soon! Library 5! Due to the overcrowding of Library 3, and the distance many of the children travel to get there, locations are being explored in the area to add an additional Library.


100% of donations will go directly towards the specified purpose, minus transaction fees if applicable.

If you are interested in supporting Librarian Salaries via check, please email info [at] for additional information. Thank you!